hano yoshito

Professional Web & Blockchain developer

Leicester UK

Dettagli CV

I have 5 years of hands-on experience coding websites using various frameworks such as React.js, Next.js, Java Spring MVC, Spring Boot, and etc. And I started working on blockchain related projects as a Blockchain developer and contributed on several DEX, DAOs, AMM, NFT, Token. Recently, I have successfully launched a NFT marketplace running on BSC(Binance Smart Chain) as a fullstack developer and a smart contract developer.



PowerUSD, LLC a Senior Smart Contract Developer

Developed smart contracts for decentralized lending platform on Ethereum blockchain
Designed efficient and optimized solutions to keep gas usage low


Lexarglobal a Senior Full-stack Developer

Mentored 3 junior front end developers on the team on React and
developed the marketing
website using React/GraphQL/Typescript and Redux.
Set up the continuous integration automated test/build system for all
engineering teams using BuildBot


ChainCoin, LTD a Blockchain Developer

Wrote smart contract using Solidity and wrote xtoken.cafe using React/Web3
Designed privacy aware ChainCoin architecture for the e-commerce implementation.
Integrated ChainCoin interface (staking and yield farming page) using web3 with smart contracts


Notebooktherapy a Full Stack Developer

Used Reat.js( React and Next.js), GraphQlL, Node.js( Express.js),
MongoDB( Mongoose) and Hired, trained and leading an Agile team of 7 full-stack developers
Developed Shopify design and workflow
Updated lots of themes



Computer Science a Nagoya University

Computer Science
BS in Computer Science