Andres Ezequiel Garcia

Mechanic Engineer


Dettagli CV

I am a Mechanical Engineer with 9 years of experience.
My first job opportunity was with an Oil and Gas company from United States, where I developed as a Fluids Engineer in Neuquen, Argentina. With it I had the possibility of training in Houston, United States, for 60 days.
The second experience was with a company from France, dedicated to air gases. I worked in the Production sector at a continuously operating site in Bahía Blanca, Argentina.

• Contribute my knowledge and experiences to be able to achieve the proposed goals and expectations, developing the entrusted activity with total responsibility, focusing on the well-being of all the parts that make up the organization.
• Grow personally and professionally together with the organization, acquiring experience and sharing it with those who need it.

• Leadership, responsibility, empathy.
• Proactivity, collaboration, discipline, self-confidence.
• Excellent interpersonal relationships and teamwork.

I remain focused on continuing to learn in my future experiences, as I have done so far with great resistance to change.



Drilling Fluids Engineer a Halliburton

Preparation, maintenance and monitoring of physical and chemical properties of the different drilling fluids used in the construction of wells for gas and oil extraction.
Management of software for said monitoring, in conjunction with hydraulic analysis to monitor the effect of the fluid at the bottom of the well.


Production Supervisor a Air Liquide

Production Supervisor in an air gas production plant, developing tasks
production scheduling to satisfy the requirements of external and internal customers, in terms of volumes and quality.
Contractor personnel on duty to carry out daily plant tasks. Management of finished product stocks and assurance of production traceability.
Stock control of inputs for production.
Based on the aircraft and maintenance programs, coordinate the delivery of equipment, in accordance with the applicable instructions and safety procedures.
Compliance with requested management reports and reports, ensuring consistency and quality in the information according to the company’s IMS management system.
Leader of the development and implementation of the Backup System Reliability Program for Latin America-Air Liquide.



8 a Universidad Tecnologica Nacional